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Crowning Glory - Homespun

On September 18th 2012



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In Homespun Vol 12 No 10, we unveiled a delightful purple and lime spot print crown especially for a precious little girl, and we are delighted to present you with the instructions for this fabulous boy’s version. Designed by Jennifer Goldsmith of Frazzy Dazzles, this clever creation will make any little one feel like royalty. It’ll even make the perfect “hat” for the birthday guest of honour. Made from wool felt and cotton fabric, the crown can be made up in less than a day, so it makes a fabulous project that parents and children can create together.



• Requirements are for one crown

• 20 x 45cm (8 x 18in) red wool felt (crown base)

• 15cm (¼yd) blue spot print fabric (upper crown)

• 25 x 30cm (10 x 12in) mustard wool felt (appliqué)

• Chubby sixteenth (25 x 28cm/9 x 11in)red spot print fabric (appliqué and elastic strap)

• 10 x 15cm (4 x 6in) teal blue fabric (appliqué)

• 16cm (6½in) of 2cm (¾in) wide elastic. See note

• Three 21mm (¾in) red buttons

• Double-sided fusible web

• 15 x 40cm (6 x 16in) 250gsm white cardboard and 2B pencil

• Water-erasable fabric-marking pen

• Template plastic and permanent-making pen

• Rotary cutter, ruler and mat

• Pinking shears (optional)

• Sewing machine and general sewing supplies, including safety pin

• A copy of Homespun Vol 12 No 10

Finished size: 14cm (5½in) diameter

Note: Please read all instructions before commencing the project. Careful and accurate cutting and sewing are essential to ensure success with this project. It is recommended that fabrics, except for the wool felt, be 100% cotton, pre-washed and well ironed. Requirements are based on fabric 112cm (44in) wide. The finished crown should fit a child up to about four years of age. If necessary, adjust the length of elastic required to fit the crown on your child’s head. If this project is for a young child, omit the buttons as they can become a choking hazard.Instructions are provided for fusible-web appliqué with machine satin stitch, but the project lends itself to a variety of techniques. Adapt the instructions to suit your preferred method.


Preparation and cutting

1. Print the patterns for this project from the Homespun website. Before printing, check the Print dialog box – it is important that in the field next to the words “Page Scaling” you have selected “None”. Tape the pages together as indicated to give you the complete, full-size patterns.

2. Make templates for the Crown Base and cardboard stiffener shapes by tracing them onto template plastic using the permanent-marking pen. Cut them out ready for use.

3. Use the fabric-marking pen to trace one crown base shape on the red wool felt. Cut the shape out just inside the traced line.

4. Using the pencil, trace one upper crown shape, two A circles, two B circles, two D circles, one E circle, one anchor shape and one diamond onto the paper side of the fusible web, leaving about ½in between them. Cut out all of the shapes roughly – do not cut on the pencil lines yet.

5. Fuse the upper crown shape to the wrong side of the blue spot print fabric, the A circles and anchor shape to the mustard wool felt, the B circles to the red spot print fabric, and the D and E circles and the diamond shape to the teal blue fabric. (Place a clean white teatowel over the felt when using the iron.) Cut out each shape carefully on the pencil line.

6. From the remaining mustard felt, trace and cut with pinking shears if desired:

Two C circles.

7. From the remaining red spot print fabric, cut:

One strip, 2⅜ x 10in.

8. Trace around the cardboard stiffener template on the white cardboard, and cut the shape out on the traced line.



9. Refer to the instructions for Crowning Glory on pages 73–74 of Homespun 12.10. Repeat steps 7–8 using the strip of red spot print fabric.

10. Place the blue spot print upper crown shape on a flat surface. Peel the backing paper off the mustard wool felt A circles and, referring to the photograph as a guide, position them on the upper crown shape, centred below the two scalloped ‘peaks’. When you are happy with their position, fuse them in place in the same manner as you did in step 5.

11. Repeat step 12 from Crowning Glory for all the A, B and D circles and the anchor and diamond shapes/E circle.

12. Position the D circles in the middle of the mustard wool felt C circles and sew them as you did in the previous step.

13. Attach the C/D circles to the crown by stitching the red buttons in their centre, referring to the photograph as a guide.

14. Sew the remaining button in the centre of the diamond.

15. Repeat steps 14–17 from Crowning Glory using the red wool felt crown base and referring to the photographs below.

For more information on other fun-loving designs by Jennifer Goldsmith of Frazzy Dazzles, phone 0418 421 378, email

jenny@frazzydazzles.com, log on to the website at www.frazzydazzles.com or go shopping at www.etsy.com/shop/frazzydazzles