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Pull Up A Pew Coasters - Homespun

On September 1st 2012


Download the Pull Up A Pew Coasters instructions here.


If you’’ve fallen in love with Lisa Cox’s stunning Pull Up A Pew cushion from Homespun Vol 11 No 11, why not try something different by working up the Cathedral Window block in reverse. In the process you’’ll be able to create four (or more) pretty coasters to help protect the finish on your coffee table or side table when guests come to visit. They are an ideal project to use up some scraps from the stash basket (or from creating the matching cushion) and they make a great last-minute Christmas gift.



65cm (¾yd) white quilter’s homespun (Cathedral Window blocks)

Four squares, 6½in of assorted print fabrics in pink, berry and grass (Cathedral Windows). Lisa used the First Bloom palette from the Modern Meadow range of fabrics by Joel Dewberry for FreeSpirit

•15cm (¼yd) batting

Embroidery needle

Basting spray

Rotary cutter, ruler and cutting mat

Sewing machine with ¼in foot

General sewing supplies

A copy of Homespun Vol 11 No 11

Finished size: 13cm (5¼in) square

Note: Please read all instructions before commencing the project. Careful and accurate cutting and sewing are essential to ensure success with this project. A seam allowance of 6mm (¼in) is included throughout. It is recommended that fabrics be 100% cotton, pre-washed and well ironed. Requirements are based on fabric and batting 112cm (44in) wide.

Throughout the following instructions, we will advise you to repeat steps from Pull Up A Pew cushion as featured in Homespun Vol 11 No 11. Please make sure you have a copy of this issue on hand.



1. From the white quilter’s homespun, cut:

• Four squares, 11in.

2. From the batting, cut:

• Four squares, 5¼in.



3. Repeat steps 7–8 of the instructions for Pull Up a Pew published in Homespun Vol 11 No 11 using the white 11in squares.

4. Turn the stitched squares right side out through the opening. Using a turning tool or chopstick to poke out all the corners. Slip stitch the opening closed. Press.

5. Position a pink, berry or grass print 6½in square on a flat surface with the wrong side facing up. Spray a batting square with basting spray and place it in the centre of the cotton print square. Press the fabric over the edges onto the batting.

5. Place the print covered batting square in the centre of the white homespun coaster with the fabric facing up.

6. Fold each corner of white homespun into the centre of the block and press. Tack the four points together securely in the centre of the square. Top stitch around the edges of the coaster.

7. To create the ‘window’, fold back the edge of the four white flaps covering the window patch over the raw edge of the window patch. In the centre of each edge, the fold should be ¼in wide, tapering towards each corner. Top sew the edges in place.

8. Repeat steps 4–7 to yield four coasters.


For more information on other pretty designs by Lisa Cox of A Spoonful of Sugar, email aspoonfullofsugargirls@gmail.com or visit her blog at http://spoonfullofsugargirls.blogspot.com Wholesale enquiries or details of your nearest stockist of the Modern Meadow range of fabrics designed by Joel Dewberry for FreeSpirit can be directed to XLN Fabrics. Write to Unit 2, 21 Binney Road, Kings Park NSW 2148, phone (02) 9621 3066, fax: (02) 9622 3074, email: info@xln.com.au or visit the website at www.xln.com.au